About Global Growers

Global Growers is the only organization in Georgia that connects the agricultural talent of the local refugee community to opportunities in sustainable agriculture. Global Growers specializes in providing comprehensive agricultural support including: farmland acquisition and management, aggregation and distribution services which facilitates market access and sales for partner farmers, as well as education and technical assistance in organic fruit and vegetable production. Global Growers is an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, GA.

Our Roots

Global Growers grew out of the tremendous demand among international farmers, many who came to Atlanta as refugees of war, to reconnect to their agricultural heritage in their new home. Recognizing this exceptional talent, Global Growers connects local families to land, education, and markets in order to build healthier communities and strengthen our local economy. We are committed to cultivating diverse farmers who are traditionally under served by mainstream agricultural service providers.

The Farmers

Global Growers prioritize serving individuals who came to Georgia as refugees/immigrants and who were experienced food producers in their countries of origin. Consequently, we have a primary focus on racial and ethnic groups who are underserved und underrepresented in our communities. We also serve all commercial farmers in Metro-Atlanta and the state of Georgia who have proven production experience and have limited resources for, or face significant barriers to, food production or launching farm businesses. Learn more about Global Growers partner farmers here.

Where we're growing:

Global Growers manages nearly 20 acres of land and supports a network of farms and gardens throughout metro Atlanta.  Since 2010, we have produced around 500,000 lbs of fresh produce.

Bamboo Creek Farm

15-acre incubator farm located in Stone Mountain for commercial crop production.  Hosts ten beginning farmers and serves as the Global Growers base of operations.  Features include two hoophouses, wash station, packing shed, walk-in cooler, bamboo forest, microirrigation system, barn storage, farm office, and composting toilet.


Clarkston International Garden

1/4-acre garden located at the ten-acre Forty Oaks Nature Preserve in Clarkston, GA with kitchen garden plots for 35 diverse families.  Features a rainwater harvesting irrigation system and is surrounded by a native and edible landscape, with walking trails to Milam Park. 

 Clarkston International Garden at the 40 Oaks Nature Preserve

Clarkston International Garden at the 40 Oaks Nature Preserve

Umurima Wa Burundi

One-acre garden located in Decatur, GA managed collectively by 7 farm families.  The first farm project of Global Growers that inspired many others to follow suit.  Features a mix of traditional East African crops and American farmers market staples.

Decatur's Kitchen Garden

Two-acre market garden located in Decatur, GA with plots for 30 international families.  Designed to build community, offer education about healthy food traditions and growing practices, and enhance biodiversity through cutting edge sustainable resource management.  Features include a keyline design, fruit orchard, herb garden, newly added pollinator garden, and a beautiful pond.

Network Gardens

Global Growers supports a network of independently managed farm and garden sites in and around metro Atlanta, by providing technical assistance, educational opportunities, leadership development.