Small Farm App Development Internship

The intern will have an integral role in realizing the 2018 Georgia Small Farm Food Safety Campaign (GASFFSC). The GASFFSC is a collaborative, statewide campaign aimed at strengthening small farm food safety practices and increasing the number of farmers who have food safety certifications. The intern will assist with researching, organizing, and converting farm safety information and documentation templates into user friendly apps.

Candidate Profile
The ideal candidate for this internship has an understanding of web and app development and the skills to communicate effectively online. The candidate has a high degree of motivation, a commitment to excellence in meeting project goals, and is highly organized and attentive to details. Ideally, the candidate has an understanding of the challenges that face internet users in rural areas.

While much of the Internship activities can be completed remotely, the intern must set a mutually agreed-upon weekly work schedule and physically attend bi-weekly meetings in the Stone Mountain/Atlanta area. The intern reports to the Food Safety Coordinator and will have the opportunity to travel to farms around the state.


  • Organize existing food safety training materials, templates and resources suggested by the collaborative Campaign Team (including Georgia Organics, the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, Community Farmers Markets, Common Market Georgia).
  • Establish apps that communicate food safety resources using a logical structure for users to know where to look for information, have an easy-to-use interface to get them to that information.  Ensure that the information is easily-understandable and accessible for rural users with low bandwidth capabilities.
  • Incorporate feedback from community partners and regulatory compliance experts, edit materials as appropriate, and generate polished, final drafts of training materials.
  • Communicate with farmers who may be field testing the apps and make necessary changes.
  • Create general record-keeping forms.  For example, creating Google Forms that feed into Google sheets for food safety, organic, and some business/field records.


  • Previous experience with web-design including finished products
  • Excellent Google Drive skills
  • Demonstrate a general knowledge of coding
  • Previous experience developing apps and the ability to show finished products
  • Preferred: Experience working with diverse, multilingual and multicultural communities
  • Preferred: Experience with coding is not necessary but is beneficial
  • Ability to set and maintain a regular work schedule remotely, to connect virtually to the project team, and to meet in-person in Metro Atlanta on a fixed bi-weekly schedule.

This  internship includes a $2,000 stipend for 8-10 hours a week for 16 total weeks.  We will offer some flexibility for the start/end dates to accommodate school and/or holiday travel.

Application Instructions
Submit pdf resume internSFAD.yourlastname.res) and cover letter ( to, with the subject line: “internFSAD.yourlastname,” no later than Jan. 5th, 2018.  Applicant consideration will begin on December 15th, 2017.