Become a PERENNIAL donor 

Perennial donors nourish our roots through recurring monthly contributions. Just like perennial plants, our perennial donors support Global Growers’ mission year after year.

Annual plants reach maturity quickly and will reach the end of their life cycle shortly after producing their season’s fruit and seeds.

Perennial plants have long life cycles and remain robust by growing extensive root systems. They produce fruit and seeds continuously for many years.

Your recurring online donation is secure and flexible. You choose the amount you wish to give each month and you can change, or cancel, your pledge at any time. Sign up now and make your first donation.

Nourishing the roots

Individual contributions from dedicated community members make up a significant portion of Global Growers’ revenue. These annual and perennial financial donations help us grow. Recurring donations from perennial donors offer a more predictable source of income for our operations and helps Global Growers to develop strong roots to increase the abundance of our local food system. We hope you will join us as a perennial partner in this mission-driven work.

Perennial Perks: 

Receive a surprise gift welcoming you to our community

Consistent updates with our Newsletters and upcoming events or volunteer days

A private Farm Tour which will introduce you to the farmers of Bamboo Creek