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Help Global Growers invest in farmer success. Our goal is to raise $15,000 by the end of the year which will increase our capacity to sell $50,000 more produce on behalf of our partner farmers in 2018. Every dollar we receive translates into more than three dollars in new sales with Global Growers partner farmers.

Give monthly, and you’ll become a part of our perennial donors, a passionate community that helps Global Growers to develop strong roots to increase the abundance of our local food system.


So, how does that work?

Invest in Farmer Success

Many of you know that Global Growers prioritizes in serving individuals who came to Georgia as refugees/immigrants and who were experienced food producers in their countries of origin. When we began connecting farmers to markets in 2010, we sold about $5,000 in produce that first year. Seven years later, our sales have grown by a whopping 3000% to $150,000 annually -- that’s more than 135,000 servings of fresh produce distributed locally in the last year!

Global Growers partner farmers, such as Lal, Noela, James, Halieth, Than, Jeanne, Ignatius, and Anamarie, are paving the way with record-setting yields. We invite you to help us reach our next milestone of $200,000 in sales in 2018. With a $15,000 investment, we will be able to grow and sell $50,000 more produce.

Your investment in Farmer Success will support three new sales strategies:

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Employer Gift Matching
Many employers offer matching gift programs that can double or even triple a donation's value. Check with your company to see if they will match your gift to Global Growers.


Mail Your Contribution
If you prefer to mail your donation make your check payable to Global Growers and send to the address below:

P.O. Box 276
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

A Gift with Meaning

This holiday season, take a break from the hussle and bussle of finding that perfect gift wrapped in a box. Think outside the box and consider making a donation in honor of someone that you know would be thrilled to support this cause. Please use the comment box in the donation form and leave us a note including the honoree's name, recipient address, and your message to the recipient. Make sure to spell check, include how you would like your name(s) signed, mention the amount if desired, and format your message as you would like it delivered or we will write one for you.