Flood Devastates Bamboo Creek Farm

Global Growers’ main farm site was washed out by flooding in April. Both the farmers we partner with and the organization are committed to getting back growing the delicious and healthy food you have come to know us for.

Our staff is working to accelerate the growth strategies we were already embracing. Learn more about our recover efforts.

Global Growers supports the people who grow healthy food for our community.

By providing farmers and community growers with an ecosystem of support, we are strengthening the local economy while making local, healthy produce abundant and accessible to communities throughout metro-Atlanta.


Global Growers has trained more than 200 unique food producers.


Since 2010, we have produced more than 500,000 pounds of fresh produce.


Whom We Serve

Global Growers supports people who grow healthy food for our community, which includes community growers growing on small plots for their families, as well as farmers who are growing for commercial markets. Our network includes:


We prioritize serving experienced growers who came to Georgia as refugees/immigrants.


We serve growers from culture and ethnic groups that are historically underserved and underrepresented in agricultural services.


We serve groups of growers who are organizing, collaborating, and sharing land and/or markets.


Help us continue to GROW

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