Farm Share Membership Guidelines


Thank you for your Farm Share membership!
Please use this guide to review your benefits as a member.


Global Growers guarantees our produce for quality and freshness, and we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service. All vegetables are grown locally and organically by Global Growers partner farmers who have participated in hands-on training in sustainable agriculture and food safety. We do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We offer a weekly partner product sourced from other local producers to provide you with a whole pantry of goods, such as honey, fruits, eggs, cheeses, and grains.


Member Guidelines


Create a Member Account.

A secure, online member profile is created for you at sign up.  


Make payments in your Account.

Watch for weekly emails.

Every Friday, a newsletter email will arrive in your inbox with details for the upcoming week’s delivery.

The newsletter will contain a list of share items, recipes and cooking tips, and information about what’s happening on our farms. 


Add extra items online.

Any add-on items from our online store must be ordered before 5pm on Sunday during the week-of delivery.

These items will added to your share and will be delivered to your pick up site.


Pick up your Share.

Bring a bag (or two) to collect your Share items!

Please arrive within the allocated timeframe of your Pick Up Location.

If unable to pick up your Share, please:

First, see if a friend can pick up for you that week—it makes a great gift! 
Or, you may schedule a pick up at Bamboo Creek Farm within the same delivery week of your scheduled pick-up with 72 hours notice to our Sales Manager via email.

Schedule changes must be arranged via email with the Sales Manager before 5pm on Sunday during the week-of delivery.

We do not offer refunds for missed pickups.

Our Sales Manager can be reached by email at

The Fine Print

We do not sell, rent or give away our email list, customer list, or any personal/financial information..

50% Discount: for members who pay with EBT/SNAP benefits.

Select the pay by check options and send us an e-mail so we know to process your payment offline.

100% Discount: available to volunteer site hosts who help start a new site with at least 20 members.

Global Growers sends a weekly Farm Share newsletter to all members, included are a list of weekly share items, recipes and cooking tips, and information about what’s happening on our farms.

Members can add multiple email addresses to their accounts so multiple people can receive communications.

Farming is a variable business, as we are highly dependent on nature’s rhythms to grow your food. We are not always in control.  If there is a change to our expected production or harvest schedule, we will use e-mail to notify you of these changes at least 24 hours in advance of delivery.  In the rare chance that there be less than 24 hours notice, we will follow-up the email with a phone call to the number on file.  

As a member, you are agreeing to receive and read weekly email communications.

A secure, online member profile is created for you at sign up.

This profile provides your share options, your pick up location, and account activity.

You can use this account to make adjustments to your membership, such as pick up location and payment information.

We accept check by mail, electronic check, credit/debit cards, and EBT/SNAP benefits (food stamps).

Payments are typically made in upfront, seasonal subscriptions. We can also set-up monthly payment plans.

Members will receive an e-mail confirmation of your membership and payment. We do not store any of your personal or financial information on our website.  

Your payment is processed by Farmigo and EBT/SNAP payments are made in person.”

Local sales tax applied at checkout.

Membership is a commitment to our farmers for the full growing season. Farmers plan months in advance to grow your food and cannot easily make quick adjustments midseason.

For this reason, we generally do not offer refunds. However, we will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis for the following reasons: unexpected relocation, major loss of household income, serious illness, and
unresolved customer service issues.  

We will charge a $30 administrative fee for
cancellations and processing refunds.



For assistance, please contact us at