Dear Farm Share Members,

If you are someone who is notorious for procrastinating on your holiday shopping, like I am, then please read this carefully. This holiday season the Global Growers staff are here to help you, we have developed a gift basket that is full of some of our favorite partner products and the new Global Growers sticker! You will be able to order these baskets in the online store, or at your pick-up site up until Thanksgiving. With the help of volunteers, the baskets will be assembled, and then ready for you to pick up the first week of December. The best part is that the proceeds from the baskets go to support increasing the number of community garden plots for new Americans in Clarkston.

We are very excited for the up coming member event at the Bamboo Creek Farm on Sunday, November 12th, and we hope to see you all there! 

Thank you,
The Global Growers Team

This Weeks Bounty

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 1.09.26 PM.png

Storico Fresco has now fully morphed into a true Italian Alimentari e Ristorante that started in a basement in Atlanta.  The dishes that come out of the Storico Fresco are local sourced, and all the pasta is homemade and delicious.  

*Gluten Free? Email at least 24 hours before your delivery 

(Coffee) Grounds for Empowerment

Every morning most of us wake up and pour ourselves a delicious cup of hot black death, and life becomes instantly better. But when we are drinking the delicious cup of coffee do we ever ask, where did this come from? We here at Global Growers are no different and love our daily dose of coffee, but we have partnered with an organization who we believe models sustainable, ethical, and equitable practices, Grounds for Empowerment.  

Grounds for Empowerment provides women specialty coffee farmers the market connections and business know-how to enable them to reach their full economic potential. Their three-year incubator program supports them as they transform promising coffee farms into prosperous small businesses.

Recently our Farm Manager, Todd, and Communications Manager, Desiree, got an opportunity to meet some of the women from Nicaragua who work for Grounds for Empowerment. They were inspired by these women's stories, which only further fuels our desire to support this organization. 

If you are interested in supporting Grounds for Empowerment, while drinking amazing coffee, and are not already receiving a coffee share, you can do so by purchasing their coffee through our store or going to the Grounds for Empowerment website and supporting the women another way.  

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 3.47.01 PM.png

Meals with Matt: Chili Smothered Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This spicy chili is the perfect compliment to roasted sweet potatoes. It's kind of like mashed potatoes and gravy but so much more flavorful and complex. This is a perfect meal for these chilly (pun intended) evenings. 

- Matt