Your Membership Makes A Difference!

I wanted to re-share this video for our new Farm Share members this season. The lovely people at Upworthy Video came to Bamboo Creek Farm to talk to us about our work at Global Growers and hear from two farmers about their experiences.

Than and Lal are just two of the farmers that are directly impacted by your weekly investment in our Farm Share. Come see for yourselves on October 27th for our Fall Farm Celebration!

Please RSVP by October 22nd and let us know how many folks you will be bringing along.

Socially Responsible Vendor Fair FACEBOOK EVENT PROFILE.jpg

We will be participating in this year’s Socially Responsible Vendor Fair on Wednesday, October 17th hosted by the Immaculate Heart of Mary Women's Club. This will be a great opportunity to get some early holiday shopping done, and know you will be supporting some great local businesses as well. Plus, I’ll be there sharing all about Global Growers with a few veggies in tow.

Come by and say hello!


Verdant Kitchen™ is a gourmet and wellness company focused on the ginger and turmeric family of spices. Their roots are in the sandy loam of the coastal lowlands of Savannah, GA.

Their delicious Ginger Bites are great mixed with goat cheese, sprinkled in a salad or simply eaten as a snack.

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Recipe from

Recipe from

A yummy vegetarian taco recipe that can be enjoyed not just on Tuesday!