As a Farm Share Member you have already taken a step towards a more just food system--now there's an opportunity for you to expand on the part you are already playing. Global Growers is looking to build an Impact Advisory Corps to support our social enterprise and take a deeper dive into some strategic support. We value your input and guidance and invite you to join us at Wrecking Bar Brewpub on May 23. Learn more here.

Don't forget! Our 7th annual Toast to the Culture in Agriculture event is only a week away. Come see where your veggies are grown and meet the Global Growers team! 

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Partner Product: Lupa's Kitchen Kombucha


Founder Lupa Irie has been brewing Kombucha since the early 90's and selling it throughout the Atlanta area since 2010. Her knowledge and passion shows through in this delicious and healthy product! 

Storage Tips- Kholrabi

What is kholrabi exactly? In the cabbage family, this bulbous vegetable is wonderfully versatile with a taste and texture somewhere between a cabbage and broccoli stems, and leaves like collards or kale. It's like four vegetables in one! Be sure to remove the leaves from the kholrabi and store them separately (you'll want to use those leaves within a couple of days). Scrub your kholrabi bulbs clean and then store them in a loose fitting plastic or paper bag. Store them in your fridge and they can last up to a few weeks!   

Recipe by Martha Stewart

Recipe by Martha Stewart

It's getting hot out there and this light, delicious slaw will help beat the heat. Your turnips would pair nicely too!