Come support three great local food organizations at a Bloody Mary Brunch!


Community Farmers Markets, Global Growers Network, and Hungry Heart Dietary Consulting invite you to join us for a morning in the garden. Featuring a create-your-own Bloody Mary Bar (courtesy of Cathead Vodka), King of Pops Prosecco "Poptails", local beer, and sweet and savory brunch options, it should be a delicious way to start the day! There will be games for kids and adults, as well as a private tour of the Hayes' garden, which you definitely do not want to miss. Come learn about these great organizations and support change in your local food system!

Partner Product: Turnrow Natural Soap

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Former educator, Marci Scharko is a female entrepreneur who began her business over a decade ago. As a caring mother of two, she needed to use body products with few ingredients for her daughters' sensitive skin issues. She found there were no good options for simple, natural, effective skincare on the market. So, she put her education background to work along with her passion for natural botanical ingredients and developed a soap recipe that worked. She began selling her soaps alongside her families organic farm at local markets. Her product line has grown to include 50 different items and so has her knowledge and passion for business. Her business production has moved from her kitchen to her studio inside her renovated barn behind her 1900’s cottage home in Tyrone, Ga. She’s proud to say her daughter, Madhavi who was the inspiration for the business, will be going off to college in the Fall where she will be pursuing a degree in Business/ Entrepreneurship. The small team at Turnrow consists of Marci, Roy, Madhavi and Rhea Scharko, Kalina and Seth Patterson and Noah Schmitz.

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Storage Tips:


If you didn't already know, you should not store your tomatoes in the refrigerator. They do best on your counter out of direct sunlight. If your tomatoes haven't fully ripened yet, or if they are not going to be used immediately, be sure to keep them stem side down. 


Don't wash your blueberries until you are ready to eat them. Store them in a well ventilated container or bowl in your refrigerator on a shelf, not in the crisper. This will keep them the driest which helps to prevent them from molding quickly. If your blubes do start to overripe before you can get to them all, place them on a baking sheet and freeze them until they have hardened. Afterwards, pop them in a storage bag and use them anytime you're ready! Frozen blueberries are also extremely delicious by themselves, or in a summer spritzer! 

There are so many delicious ways to use blueberries, it was really hard to decide on just one. This is a quick and easy way to beat the heat, because summer is officially here! Maybe even top with a little sparkling white wine if you're feeling fancy. 

Recipe by The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen   

Recipe by The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen