Save the Date!!

Our annual fundraiser, Decatur's Dinner Party, is coming up on September 8th! A wonderful event featuring chefs and bartenders from Decatur's top restaurants creating dishes and drinks with Global Growers produce, this is sure to be one delicious evening!

Plus, all proceeds help refugee and limited-resource farmers support themselves and their families by growing healthy food in their own community, pushing towards a more equitable local food system. Tickets go on sale on July 8th!

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Since 2008 Sweet Georgia Grains has produced delicious hand-crafted, small-batch granola using naturally grown and certified organic ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.


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Storage Tips:


Leeks are a member of the onion family and should not be washed or trimmed before going into your refrigerator. Leeks can sometimes exude an aroma that can be absorbed by other things in your fridge, prevent this by wrapping your leeks lightly in plastic wrap before putting them in your crisper. 


Did you know you should be storing your cucumbers at room temperature? I did not know this! According to UC Davis cucumbers become cold injured if they are exposed to a temperature of 50°F or lower for more than three days. Cold injury can cause your cukes to become waterier, and decay faster. Also, cucumbers are sensitive to ethylene gas, which is put off by some ripening fruits and vegetables. So for longer storage, don’t keep your cucumbers near melons, tomatoes or bananas. I am so happy to know this information and I hope you are too!

What's Cooking?

Summer Squash Gratin

This delicious gratin is a great way to feature this weeks squash and leeks on your dinner table. The addition of white wine and Gruyere cheese can't be bad etiher. 

Recipe by Laura Rege

Recipe by Laura Rege