We've Got Pears!

While you are waiting on those pears to hurry up and ripen here's a little bit of background about where they came from!

The pears you received in last week's Farm Share basket are the first real fruit to be harvested from Decatur Kitchen Garden! Other fruits we are growing are May-paws, Apples, Elderberries, Plums and Blueberries. We are looking forward to being able to harvest more fruit in the future to include in our Farm Share as well as share with the community growers. 

Thank you to our Summer Garden Team members who helped harvest the pears! They are a group of Clarkston High School students working with us for the summer. 

The Summer Garden Team members who assisted the pear harvest

The Summer Garden Team members who assisted the pear harvest

Partner Product:

Decimal Place Farm-Goat Cheese* 

photo from

photo from

Decimal Place Farm is a 40-acre Grade A Saanen dairy goat farm located in Conley, Georgia in Clayton County. Every day cheese is made in several batches from milk that is straight from their beautiful herd. Decimal Place is passionate about producing a healthy source of nutrition and protein for the community, which nourishes our bodies and promotes our wellness. There are many benefits to eating cheese that is local, fresh, preservative-free, dye-free, low/no salt, and made from animals that are hormone and anti-biotic free. Their cheese is known to have delicious and unique flavor, but also for increased ability to digest cheese, even when formerly allergic.

*Please email if you need to substitute this weeks partner product

Small Share

Large Share

*Please email if you need to substitute this weeks Partner Product

Storage Tip: Basil

To keep your basil as fresh for as long as possible it does best if treated like cut flowers. When you bring your share home, cut the ends of your basil and place it in a jar with water. Cover it with a plastic bag and just leave it on your counter. Your basil can last at least a week this way and it's always readily available! Unlike parsley or cilantro, basil in the fridge tends to turn the leaves black. Your basil will love you even more if you change the water regularly. 

What's Cooking?: Thai Basil Eggplant

recipe from

recipe from

This delicious recipe uses a number of the veggies in this weeks share. Plus it is both vegan and gluten free. A true winner! Serve it as a side dish or over rice as a full meal.