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Hey Members! I hope the holiday this week gave you a chance to spend some extra time with friends and family. Our partner farmers are back at work and gearing up for another week of Farm Share. Speaking of Farm Share, have you had a chance to visit our Member Store online? Maybe you're out of Georgia Grinders Peanut Butter or loved Delta Blues' rice. Need a dozen eggs? We've got 'em! Add an item to your basket and it will be there at the following week's pickup. It's that easy! 

Partner Product: Just Add Honey Tea Company 


Tea that's made by tea lovers right here in Atlanta, Ga! "While scouring places for tea, I decided I would MAKE what I want. Combining flavors from around the world that was pleasing to the palate while still keeping it light and interesting, Just Add Honey Tea Company was born. Fresh, fun, and sophisticated flavors combined with stimulating and soothing ingredients are in every cup. Our ingredients are all natural, pure, and easily recognized. Nothing is changed or altered. Our mission is to bring thoughtfully blended teas to your doorstep."

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Storage Tip: Freezing your Summer Squash

Being a member of a Farm Share is a wonderful way to eat fresh and healthy produce, all while supporting local sustainable agriculture! But sometimes is can mean feeling overwhelmed by a lot of one veggie during the summer season. Here's the lowdown on how to easily freeze and store that extra squash you aren't sure you'll be be able to get to in time. A great way to enjoy your Farm Share produce year around! 

A great recipe for your potatoes and leeks that's not a soup! Just leave the bacon off to make it vegetarian (maybe add those shiitake's if you haven't used them already).  

recipe from

recipe from