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Foodology Day this Saturday, August 4th!

We were there in July for Food-ology Day and now we're back again! Get out of the rain and visit us at Fernbank Natural History Museum this Saturday where we will hanging out as part of their current exhibition Food: Our Global Kitchen! We will be there with vegetables from our farm and sharing what Global Growers Network is all about. Come and taste some delicious food, participate in demonstrations, and learn more about where your food comes from!

Here are some photos from the last Food-ology Day featuring our awesome Summer Garden Crew!


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DaySpring Farms is the realization of father-son team Murray and Nathan Brett’s dream to reclaim a better and more sustainable way of life. Family owned and operated by the Bretts, DaySpring Farms was founded in 2011. The 87-acre farm is located just outside of Danielsville, GA in Madison County and is USDA Certified Organic. 

A three corn blend of orange flint, yellow and white dent corn that produces a vividly colored and richly flavored product. A hearty southern classic.


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What Is It?: Shiso

Shisho is a perennial herb belonging to the mint family. It is seen commonly used as a refreshing garnish in a lot of Japanese cooking, including fish, rice, tempura, soup and vegetable dishes-think of it as Japanese mint. Known for its antibacterial qualities, it's leaves are also used widely in Korea and Vietnam. In Japan, it is eaten by mixing in with pickles, noodles, or salad. Another great idea is using it to replace mint in a summer cocktail! Mojitos anyone??

Sweet potato greens are such a lovey summer green! I personally think they are great for breakfast-sauteed with oil, garlic, salt and a little maple syrup to be served beside eggs.

This recipe introduces ingredients to make something almost like a curry. Sounds like a great compliment to the slight sweetness of the sweet potato greens! 

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recipe from