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Partner Product: Xocolatl Chocolate

photo courtesy of Xocolatl

photo courtesy of Xocolatl

Knowing that chocolate is made from the seed of a fruit tree makes everything in life better. Delicate cacao trees bear fruit pods, also called cacao.  inside each pod, enveloped in the tartly sweet white fruit pulp, are about 40 seeds which will be harvested by cacao farmers living around the world, close to the equator.

Xocolatl is the original Nahuatl word, spoken by Olmecs, Mayans & Aztecs, for chocolate, which was first consumed as a sugarless drink made of ground cacao, water & spices.  "Xocol" meant bitter & "atl" meant water.  

Craft chocolate has the potential to slow down deforestation and bring better wages to cacao farmers worldwide.  By choosing craft chocolate over industrial brands, you have the opportunity to tell the chocolate giants that there is a market for quality cacao varietals that are responsibly grown & fairly purchased.  And who isn't for a win-win-win?



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What's Cooking?: Grilled Spiced Okra

recipe from, photo by Angie Mosier

recipe from, photo by Angie Mosier

When looking to try something new, recipes by local chef Steve Satterfield of Miller Union is one of my go to google searches. He sources locally and seasonally which is cool because he knows a lot about what’s being grown in Georgia and how to cook it!