My youngest with the 12-hour old goats at Decimal Place Farm

My youngest with the 12-hour old goats at Decimal Place Farm

When I was picking up cheese at Decimal Place Farm a couple of weeks ago, Mary Rigdon, cheesemaker extraordinaire, gave me some garlic-dill chèvre to try.  It was amazing! She doesn't sell it, but she was sort of astounded that folks don't think to do this on their own because it's so easy and delicious. Just add your herbs and combine.  If you want your goat cheese sweet, just add some preserves! 

So, I have just concocted this recipe in my mind while thinking about dinner!   I don't have specific proportions for you to use, but just go with it, because it's going to be magical! 

Start with your chèvre.  Chop up some dill and garlic, along with any other herbs you favor.  Mix that into your chèvre and set aside.

Chop some veggies: for this week's CSA share, you could use longbeans, sweet peppers, and tomatoes.  

Get your pasta water boiling and cook your noodles al dente. Drain.

Sauté your veggies.. I like to start with olive or coconut oil, then add an onion and some garlic, and move on to the veggies, starting with the ones that take the longest to cook.  So oil, garlic/onion, longbeans, then peppers.  If you're feeling fancy you can deglaze with some white wine, and add the tomatoes at the last second just to warm.

Combine your pasta, veggies, and cheese, season with salt and pepper, and enjoy!