Graduate Internship, Small Farm Food Safety Curriculum Development

January – May 2017: 10-20 hours a week with stipend

About Global Growers

Global Growers is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that increases the number of community growers who expand access to healthy food and also prepares commercial farmers to be competitive in their local marketplace. We support farmers through land acquisition and management, advocacy, training, and direct assistance, with a priority on diverse farmers who are underserved and underrepresented in agriculture.

Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate for this fellowship has an understanding of local food systems and sustainable agriculture and also a fundamental understanding of the demands of hands-on trainings and curriculum development for people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP), limited literacy and/or diverse cultural perspectives, as well as a general. The candidate has a high degree of motivation, a commitment to excellence in meeting project goals, and is highly organized and attentive to detail. Ideally, the candidate has an understanding of the challenges that the lack of equity in small-scale agriculture has created for farmers identified by the USDA as “socially disadvantaged.”

Graduate Internship, Small Farm Food Safety Curriculum Development

The Graduate Intern will have an integral role in realizing the 2017 Georgia Small Farm Food Safety Campaign, which is a collaborative, statewide campaign aimed at strengthening small farm food safety practices and increasing the number of farmers who have food safety certifications. The Graduate Intern will lead the review and adaptation of classroom and on-farm food safety training materials – presentations, hand-outs, posters and training video scripts – to meet cultural, LEP and limited literacy needs.

The internship can be constructed in two ways.  An intern may apply for a ~20 hour a week position covering all areas of the internship or an intern may apply for a ~10 hour a week position focused either on food safety curriculum development or its adaptation for people with limited English proficiency.

While much of the Internship activities can be completed remotely, the Graduate Intern must set a mutually agreed-upon weekly work schedule and physically attend bi-weekly meetings in the Stone Mountain/Atlanta area. The Graduate Intern reports to the Wholesale Readiness Coordinator.

Primary Responsibilities

      Organize existing food safety training materials and resources suggested by the collaborative Campaign Team (including Georgia Organics, the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, Community Farmers Markets, Common Market Georgia).

      Establish and implement a curriculum and resource review and compilation process, making recommendations for the best synthesis of materials to meet the Campaign’s classroom, on-farm and video production training goals.

      Develop necessary adaptations of materials to meet cultural, LEP and low literacy needs, and create drafts of presentations, handouts, posters and video scripts.

      Incorporate feedback from community partners and regulatory compliance experts, edit materials as appropriate, and generate polished, final drafts of training materials.


      Bachelor’s degree, graduate studies in education studies, ESL/ELL, and adult learning

      Experience in the development of multi-platform training and communication materials for multiple literacy levels, including print, PowerPoint, and video

      Experience as a hands-on and classroom presenter and/or trainer

      Preferred: Experience in the sustainable agriculture sector and in working with diverse, multilingual and multicultural communities; knowledge of sustainable agriculture, food safety and local food system; an understanding of social and racial justice issues impacting agriculture in the South

      Excellent Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), as well as experience with other training/presentation platforms.

Baseline Requirements

      Valid driver’s license, clean driving record and access to a reliable vehicle

      Ability to set and maintain a regular work schedule remotely, to connect virtually to the project team, and to meet in-person on a fixed bi-weekly schedule.


This Graduate Internship includes a $4,000 stipend for 18-22 hours a week from January - May 2017 or a $2,000 stipend for 10-12 hours a week from January – May 2017.  Each include a possible extension through the summer with additional stipend.

To apply, please send pdf resume and cover letter to, with the subject line, “Graduate Intern FS - [insert your last name],” no later than January 31, 2016.  Applicant consideration will begin on January 18th.