Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Registration for Global Growers' 2015 Farm Share CSA Program is now open!

Become a member today!

The Global Growers Farm Share is a community supported agriculture (CSA) program that gives our customers the opportunity to share in this bounty, in a direct relationship with our farmers.  Through seasonal memberships, Global Growers provides Farm Shareholders with a weekly delivery of fresh, local produce.  New this year, we're offering an online store for additional staples like eggs from JB Farm, cheese from Decimal Place Farm, fresh bread, honey from Hidden Springs Farm, coffee from Farmers to 40, and much more.  We're also excited to offer Egg Shares and Coffee Shares as add-ons to your Farm Share.  

To sign up

1. Visit our online store

2. Select the size (full or partial)

4. Choose your pickup location

5. Last, decide if you'd like to add weekly coffee or egg add-ons (yum!)

6. Checkout.  If you'd like to commit to volunteering for at least 10 hours throughout the season, you can enter the coupon code 'volunteer2015' and receive 10% off your order.

Pickup Locations (open to all):

4-7 pm Wednesdays at Decatur Farmers Market
4-6 pm Mondays in Virginia Highlands (976 Highland View)
12-2 pm Sundays at Decatur First United Methodist Church
Georgia State: 4-6 pm Mondays in Greenspace beside 75 Piedmont Rd (Citizens Trust Bank Bldg)

Private Sites: 

Mondays at Digital Additive, employees only
GSU students and employees only: 4-6 pm Mondays in front of 120 Collins Street entrance (by G Deck)
GSU students and employees only: 4-6 pm Mondays in GSU Student Recreation Center Lobby
Sundays at Grand Hyatt Buckhead, Staff only

For answers to commonly asked questions, check out our FAQ page.

Produce & Perks

Global Growers' Farm Share is more than fresh produce.  We offer members access to activities, events, and resources that promote good food, encourage community development, enhance knowledge of sustainable growing practices, and bring our farms to your table. 

Receive fresh, quality produce with superior nutrition  
The very best of our weekly harvest is grown in healthy soils and delivered to you often within 48 hours of harvest.  Our farm hub is less than 15 miles away from downtown Atlanta.

Support your local economy  
Keep your food dollars right here in metro-Atlanta to maximize your community impact.  

Enjoy partner products from our farm friends  
While we love fresh fruits and vegetables, we know that it sometimes takes more than these to make a meal! Each week, your farm share will include a featured local partner product, such as fresh bread, homemade butter, pastured eggs, local honey, artisan pickles, jams, and spreads.  

Meet new people  
The Farm Share pick up experience is designed to be friendly and engaging.  You will have the opportunity to connect with farm shareholders in your local community.

Know your farmers  
We bring the farm to you.  Each week, we will set up a small market-style booth where you pick up your fresh produce.  A knowledgeable farmer will be on hand to ensure that you have the best possible experience.  

Cook creatively and learn new recipes  
We share new recipes each week and encourage Farm Shareholders to post their own on our Facebook group.

Customize extra products in our online store  
Feeding a crowd and need a few extra bunches of kale?  Want fresh eggs every week?  Browse our online store to order additional produce or partner products.  

Visit the farm  
We encourage Farm Shareholders to visit the farm or volunteer at least once during the growing season.  Take a tour to see how your food is grown, pick your own, and build relationships with your local farmers.