2015 End of Year Campaign

Meet a few of the farmers that we support

Skilled Growers + Land + Education =   More Good Food in our Local Community

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Skilled Growers + Land + Education = More Good Food in our Local Community

Many people who come to the US as refugees are from agrarian backgrounds, where local foods and food systems were a way of life. In Atlanta, there are people from diverse backgrounds working hard to build a healthier food system.  Our farm operations are in a county where more than 1 in 5 children do not have enough to eat.  At Global Growers we support farmers who are growing good food, feeding their families and communities, and strengthening our local economy and health. 

This year, our network of growers will produce close to 200,000 lbs of food, more than 90% of which is distributed at low or no cost to food insecure families of our community.  Some growers see a business opportunity to earn income for their families and build careers in agriculture.  Other just want a small plot of land to grow vegetables that are hard to find in local stores.  All seek to reconnect with their agricultural heritage.