Plow Forward with Global Growers


We are thrilled to share that we not only met our $15,000 goal, but we revved past it with dozens of committed supporters making contributions until the final moments of 2016. Together we raised just over $20,000  that will go towards the purchase of our first tractor, the start of a Farm Equipment Education Program for partner farmers, and working towards our mission of preparing farmers to be more competitive in their local marketplace.

With your support, Global Growers will make a major push in 2017 to increase the viability of our shared farm operations.

Thanks for helping us PLOW FORWARD! We look forward to staying engaged with each and every one of you, so stay in touch with us and follow along as we post updates on our progress. What a wonderful way to start the new year!

Many of you know that Global Growers is unique among agricultural service providers for using a combination of land acquisition and management, advocacy, education, and market access. We do this in order to break down barriers and to offer opportunities for expanding production capacity for both community growers and commercial farmers, with a priority on serving new Americans (i.e., immigrant or refugees) that come to this country with incredible agricultural expertise.

Many new American farmers do not have experience farming with tractors, but they are eager to learn in order to increase farming efficiency and increase the amount of land and food they cultivate.

Your Contributions will be used towards:

  • Tractor with rotary plow, flail mower, rear tine tiller, and cover crop roller
  • Education and training on equipment use and safety for beginning farmers

This is the Impact you are making:

  • $5,000: Tractor purchase!
  • $6,000: Tractor with tiller
  • $9,000: Tractor with tiller and plow
  • $10,000: Tractor with tiller, plow, and flail mower
  • $15,000: Tractor with tiller, plow, and flail mower PLUS equipment training program for 15 beginning farmers

So what do you say? Let’s Plow Forward!


Watch these videos and find out what Todd Eittreim, Gabby Kirk, Barrett Smith, Robin Chanin and Than have to say about the tractor